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hey there OP, what I can recommend you right now is to get your natural testosterone level checked out. just in case it is going to be anywhere above 600 then I would recommend you not to do it due to the fact that you will never know if it is ever going to come back this high level naturally… however, in case it is below of 400 then in my opinion you need to go and visit a doctor about maybe some trt first and after that to research, as it was suggested earlier by someone else, what are the benefits and what are the risks (consequences) of cycling with HGH and with especially steroids. But yeah… in case you have your numbers anywhere between like 400 and 600 then I just don’t know… I guess that you need to weight it up and to take a decision what do you think it’s going to be the best for you. the biggest problem here is that as soon as you’re doing it, you are not able to undo it again. wishing you all the best, hopefully you’re going to be doing well.