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There’s a guy out there who has done very and very much of work in testing and running in to fake lab guys and exposing them. he has been very and very helpful in identifying what generic HGH out there actually may not be bunk as most people think that all of it is. i haven’t ever heard of that source that you have shared above, however, to be honest, getting pens from the American companies with factories in Turkey it is the only time that I have ever felt being 100% confident that I have been actually using real HGH. and there’s been a pretty big difference too in the way I was getting those side effects. I mean, it was a clear sign in the way how those side effects kicked in while I was injecting Pfizer and Lilly. The swelling of the ankles and the water retention is like nothing else. In addition to that I have also ordered grey tops from Naps, however the side effects were different as I got carpal tunnel and my fingers have been feeling as if I’ve been having the hands of an 90 years old who has been having arthritis his entire life. I’ve never had anything like this with the real HGH.

And yeah, I do know very well that it is consistent with the presumed side effects, however after wasting money and after I’ve been pinning GOD knows what with the GODtropin (I am having absolutely no ideas how they are still selling that stuff to people), I have come to my very unscientific conclusion that the generics are only few and far between. I’ve done a close and detailed research on the effort that it is taking you to make HGH and it has become clear to me that it cannot be made in a bathtub or some dingy lab and that is why, in case you are purchasing the generic there are some HGH falling off a truck somewhere from a real laboratory and it is not rebottled in flip tops caps that are using eye ball method and this is pretty much giving a good explanation of why dosing it is not always being consistent. Plus to that, I am thinking that the expired medicine is being sold off to third parties, obviously in an illegal way and that may be a source. Then again, it is not a scientific research and it is only speculation… but one sure thing out there is that HGH it is very hard and very expensive to make. There’s no doubt in this. the blood works aren’t lying, however if you are going to think about this for a little bit longer… you are able to inject the igf rather than HGH and your blood works are going to show that your ‘number’ tops are good to go.

Through all the research I’ve done, of course, I have found a reputable dealer and even purchasing 10 pens at a time I am able to get real HGH (like for example humatrope or gentropin) for less than 5 bucks for an IU from Turkey, however they are made by US owned laboratories). I really hope that I have contributed to this forum at least a little bit by saying all of that… also I’ve got to say something more and it is that I came to the conclusion that the only single way that you can be absolutely sure in the fact that you are injecting HGH in your body it is to actually spend the money and purchasing packaged pens. Trying to ‘save’ is always ‘risky’. However, in case there’s going to be someone out there who would tell me a solid generic source then I’m always ready to jump in at the chance to save a bit of money and still run HGH for a little bit more than just 4 months per year because this is everything that I can afford. I am absolutely in love with its anti aging effects and rest, but I just cannot afford it all. that’s pretty much everything.