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In fact, you know, I must say that there isn’t any actual pen in the humatrope kit. It is really only a mixing device and nothing more. there’s no actual pin that is attached to the device and that’s why you are still going to need to use a slin pin for the injection. Here’s what kind of information I have found on a Turkish pharmacy, actual quote:
Also there some clients who end up being disappointed when they are receiving their orders but Humatropes isn’t coming with the smart pen, instead they just come with sterile water mixer. Their smart pens are given out (not sold) separately and I dont sell themas they are given away for free to users with prescription and they cannot be sold separately as when they are given out, a doctor comes to your address to tell you how to use it in detail. (I know it sounds crazy but this is the way how Lilly is doing it most countries including USA).

Anyway, since talking about humatrope. I see lately there is a site out there 24hreup that is selling 72 iu humatrope at a really really cheap price. or at least I personally have never seen it being that cheap. Unfortunately I haven’t ever ordered anything from those guys and that’s why I am not sure how good or bad their service and quality it is… all I saw is a guy posting this source and this sale (they have some discount or something) so I thought that I could be helpful by posting this. hopefully any of this is gonna help you guys.