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I have had some awesome results myself too. 8/27- 8/29 loaded and you know… I mean REALLY REALLY loaded. 8/30 – 9/22 phase 1 and I have lost 29 lbs without a single problem in this time. you know, in fact, there were moments when I have had to force myself to eat as I have not been hungry at all… it has been said that females historically are losing 0.5 lbs per day… that’s amazing. I am in the 4th day of the phase 3 right now and I did have maintained my last day of injection weight! To be honest, I feel like I’m lucky with all of this. and I am currently still not very hungry right now.
But yeah, one sure thing is – we can do this, be sure we can! Just don’t give up and keep on going, you’re going to achieve it! I personally am going to keep on going for as much as it is needed… and yeah, by the way, I am going to lose like 90 more lbs by September 2018, I know for sure! The next summer I know for sure that I am going to wear a swim suit and I’m going to be proud of it!