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Alright newbie, LOL, hello, hopefully you’re going to have good results and hopefully you already have good/ worth results. In case you are on the hcg and you are doing the 500 cals per day, you are on phase 2 already. If you didn’t know, then the phase 1 it is the pre diet cleansing. I am currently also on HCG protocol and I am on round 2 phase 2 day 14, and trust me or not but I am already down to 49.1 pounds! And I’m just so so happy about it. but trust me that you are doing an amazing job, just keep it going. And you know, the good rule of thumb is that in case you are not gaining then you are definitely winning. So that’s good either. Well, not sure how about you but me, during round 1 phase 2, I have started to lose out like 1 to 3 pounds per day, however by the end of the round 1 phase 2, I have only been losing from 0.5 to 1 pound per day. Then it gets even slower because in round 2 phase 2, my average as much as I can see it is approximately 0.5 per day. What I want to say the fact that you’ve slowed down in losing weight is fine and is normal. Although it went down you know what? I am fine with that! you should be too! Of course I can’t be sure, however I am just thinking that the reason why we slow down in losing the weight it is because there is less abnormal fat to burn and so we lose less. I mean, when you’re 130 lbs and dieting and when you’re 230 and dieting, obviously you’re going to lose more each day when you are 230 lbs. you just can’t lose same amount per day at 130 lbs as you do at 230 lbs, otherwise you diet 2-3 days and you’re good 😀 it is just taking a little bit longer to find it, but you’re going to do it. I see you are motivated, you will do it. you know, just feel free to contact me if you would like to talk more, I’m always ready if you want to. Anyhow, congrats for starting it out, congrats for already having some achievements and congrats for keeping it up. And wishing you all the best of luck in you further journey.