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Oh come on now… elderly… I don’t like this at all… but then again… I have been in Pompano Beach the last year and there was a girl on the counter who has asked me ‘do you like to use your senior citizen discount, SIR?’. She has no ideas how much she has hurt my feelings, LOL. I am still having nightmares even nowadays.

But as you said about a motivational story… as I said earlier in my post, there’s also my wife who has achieved amazing results as well… for whatever this is going to be worth it, I can post her results here either.
So well, I have been married now for more than 30 years for the same woman now. when I have firstly met her she has been 17 years old and she was approximately 115 lbs or so. of course, except for her 2 pregnancies, she has always maintained her weight in the range of 120 – 130 lbs. she was always skinny and looking sexy, however that was until the ‘evil menopause’ has come by. If you’re interested then you could read below but the whole reason why I start talking about her case at all is the tangible evidences against the myths.
So well, anywhere in March of 2015, her weight has started to slowly but steadily go up and up and that’s even though she had no changes in living style and she didn’t had any stress levels or anything of this matter. approximately 8 months or so later, was the very first time when she has changed wet high gown in the middle of the night, the next month her period has started to play ‘hide and seek’ or something and then it all started. 3 or so months later I was already asking: *who are you and what you’ve done with my wife?* (of course in my mind, lol). I’ve been scared like crap to wake up the beast she was, LOL. and believe me or not but all of this has continued like 10 or so more months which means it was until December or so 2016 which makes it nearly 2 years.
My wife used to be pretty much scared of hormones and she didn’t wanted to play around with them as she stated. When I said that I’m about to use them and offered her too she said: *no thank you, knock yourself out, I don’t want to*, so she didn’t started to take or inject anything, however she’s a really supportive wife and so she has changed to the exact same diet as I did (both to support me and because of her weight either). And you know… although she did has seen some progress by doing that, it definitely was not as dramatic as my progress was and after a while, when she saw that I’m doing so well and she’s just doing *a bit better* she said: *I want that sh*t too* LOL.
this was like in January or so 2017 and 2 months later and you know… her period already has returned back to normal to 28 days cycle and she haven’t had a night sweats experience since like March or so this year. The mood has improved to the sky. It has went up from nearly completely 0 to nearly as high as possible. The mood change is incredible (and trust me, I do know very well what I’m talking about). By July of this year or so she is down with 30 lbs and her body fat has went all the way down from 40% to 24% and she’s looking more beautiful than ever… plus her bf is still going down. there are photos that I have that can prove this. lately she starts to show abs too…
well… if this is not tangible evidence then, to be honest, I don’t know what is… we’re both now doing hormonal panel every quarter at a private lab and I have told her to take her latest one to show her OBGYN. She always is talking about the face expression that her doctor had when she firstly saw them, LOL. I’m gonna start right here.