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To be honest, I really like to see the amazing body transformation from the elderly people. This gives even more motivation and hopes, it just proves that nothing is impossible and if we want, we could achieve everything. So thanks a lot for sharing your amazing story, it should help lots of people, especially youngsters who think that it is impossible or that ‘it’s too late’. And yeah, I do know for sure that hormones are categorically playing a very big role in our lives, in the way we look and in the way we feel, so if we want to both look and feel fine then we’ve gotta make sure our hormones levels are within good ranges. And I also agree that we shouldn’t pay attention just to one single thing because they are all important. we should make sure that all our hormones are within the good ranges. Exercising and dieting is essential when we’re young so we have good hormonal ranges when reaching elderly ages. And by the way, I think that you must tell your friends and your family members about your new youthful, you need to tell this story to everybody and so they are going to have a chance to know and hope if they want to do and achieve the same. Your story is really motivational IMO. Good luck and good for you.