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And you know… this is exactly the reason why I have started to write this thread!!! I really want to separate myth from reality based on the real life evidences, in case such really does exist.
I have been on a team building sync at the Charlotte, NC back in March and I have met some of my colleagues for the first time. and you know, in the time I have been discussing with all of them a lot of times, and I have seen their pictures, I have been really terrified to find that I am the older member of the whole team… and now.. I come to find out that I am pretty much the only one who is over 55 on this whole board. It does looks like my family doctor has ben (at least partially) right when he has said earlier in the last year: *you are not feeling happy anymore due to the fact that… you are getting old*. Of course this offended me and thanks god I did not believe him.
I think that this is just in the human nature to look back and to feel the nostalgia for those days when we felt on the top of the world… in addition to that, it is also true, of course, that as we are aging, the desperation to ‘turn back the clock’ is overcoming, slowly, our common senses. HGH as such it is not an exception either…