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You are getting prescribed amphetamines? Or you take them without a doctor to know about it? and if you’re getting them prescribed, what does a doctor prescribe you those amphetamines for? Are you suffering from the ADHD?

No I am not taking them by myself, I get them prescribed by my doctor because, yeah, I do have ADHD, unfortunately, and I am not sure how safe it is to take amphetamines with the HGH.

At the 8 iu per day of the HGH, I have been running 200 mcg of the T4 per day… the bloodwork as following:
IGF = 598 (high), TSH = 0.192 (low), T4 = 6.7 (normal), t3 Uptake = 40 (high) and also free Thyroxine Index = 2.7 (normal).
I have already lowered dosage after to 100 mcg per day, however didn’t retest before ending protocol.

Thank you very much for information, but I also want to ask you… is that typical igf for the 8 iu? Thanks again.