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Hey there Harold , that was my exact thought on the tor thing as well. I have used it 2 times then later I have opten for the whatever is happening is the answer. Every someone on this planet is looking at that traffic and we very hardly want to get lumped into something that is outside our scope inadvertently. Also wanted to say… LockDown, our philosophies are being meshed. Also when I am getting some of my meds they are coming in bright white shake like a crap table in vegas. And I am never thinking about it at all. and that’s even before our government concluded our doctors no longer had the KSA’s to prescribe what was then schedule 3 medications I have had to sign and that was just a burden if you ask me. I am thinking that I could be over thinking this some as well. plus to that, Xylashe, actually I do have a family member who is rarely hitting a hot spot if it is looking anywhere near like a no show. The tor is providing a free vpn, however we have already discussed about that and my traffic does not warrant a pay vpn. But the free ones are only a joke and nothing more, like for example they would flip on you before breakfast and because of this thing, the paid ones would too push comes shove. Or at very least this is my opinion.
And lastly, hi there LoerronR, there are no doubts that unless you are under a microscope checking the status of a usps parcel by ip it is fairly low on the what are we doing this am. To be honest, I personally still do not actually want to flip a switch and that’s unless I must do it. so well, all in I can suppose that the occasional hotspot, not your device or cell phone, that’s going to be most likely acceptable. Having said this like one that has hit the customs and I have got a customs advisory that has ended my activities on that. declined the reship and has taken the refund. And yeah, I am all for second chances, however it is obvious not when my freedom to walk out from my front door it is at play as that’s just too much for me. and yeah, I do realize that this sounds to be too harsh, however at least that’s the way that I am seeing all of it. as a 15 years old I have been a stupid little wild thing and experienced what that is meaning. Understand in texas back then child welfare has not been a true priority. During all of that time it was obviously Quaalude related. I personally digress to be honest. Hotspot on a dedicated device in case this is going to be a necessary and that’s it. sorry if this is bothering you as I do realize that this was a rant that some of you might not like.