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I am not very sure how true this statement is, however, there were somebody that I used to know who has told me not to keep checking the tracking number with the tor browser and he has said that doing this it may raise some flags. He has told me that it is because different IPs that are checking the exact same tracking number is not going to look good and so they would realize that you have something there that you want to kept in secret. So obvious if you want something to be kept in secret then it is somebody of interest which means that it might be illegal. I am not very sure if they can see that you’re searching specifically with tor, however they can see that you’re checking the tracking number from different Ips and that’s a good sign that you’re using tor.
So your idea that it might be a good idea about NOT using TOR that’s a good thought. If you are checking it yourself then it would be a better idea if you’re going to use a normal browser since everybody who get a tracking number is checking their letters and everybody checks it from normal browser. And everybody including those who order non controlled substances and perfectly legal items. Having this said, this is not going to raise any flags at all, its your item in there, tracking services online are there for you in order to check if you want, this is why they are there for you at all, so of course you could do it, but you should do it without ‘passion’ or anything that is ‘out of ordinary’ so you would avoid getting any questions or raised flags.
If you’re interested in my personal opinion, I must tell you that I might only check a tracking number once then that’s it… already as it has been told, about 9 out of 10 times it is going to reach you regardless of what you do. But there’s that 1 out of 10 times where it won’t and then again, regardless whether you check it often or not even once, and regardless what browser you’re using. I wish you good luck and I hope you’re going to be alright!