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Well…. I think that the simple solution is not to track it and that’s it if you are that worried… at least I wouldn’t track it if I have been worried about it. yeah, I do know that they can tell but do you think that they really care that much? They have millions parcels going daily from all over the world, they just can’t care. And so I can bet that they just don’t care. They just don’t know what it is inside of the package and I can also bet that they don’t even actually care what’s in there. what they do know is that it is coming to your address and they know it even without tracking IP. Don’t get me wrong as I do agree with you that we should be cautious and we should be taking precautions the way that you do, however my anxiety and concerns in regards to shipping and tracking have been greatly calmed down after I have read the advices from other people’s online who were talking about the probabilities and the consequences. Yes there is a risk as you said, we should realize this – but the risks are small.

Not sure how about others but for me personally, I know that I can live with that. I let them look at me looking and ordering and receiving and to be honest, in my opinion – I just don’t do anything wrong by doing this. I understand your fears, and I do know that LE might disagree, however what I think is that I have big doubts that they are going to do anything more than to just send a LL in case it is going to come down to that. as I have read on other threads – they have ‘bigger fishes’ to catch.

I do know that I might be breaking their laws, however I am just not breaking my laws so I am good with that. apathy of the law it is no excuse, however I am just trying not to worry about it, and I am trying not to track too much due to the fact that it doesn’t help anything to get here any way faster/ better/ safer or whatever. So you’re just left with cracked nerves and the exact same result. Therefore there is no need to worry/ panic etc. I would really like to order from a site which is carrying the non controlled drugs and also the controlled ones either. Depending on what I need as I often might need both. Maybe the package is going to contain birth control pills which would be illegal as we all know, however this one is being supposed to be overlooked. But not if I order the HGH.

However, I also order medications online that are not controlled for whatever else of my health issues and whenever I am ordering my regular drugs that are not being controlled, I am having no worries at all. nobody’s going to care about it. anything at all that it is even a little bit scheduled is going to be with a different story, however unless they are going to open up that package, they just don’t know what’s inside of it, so until then you’re 100% safe regardless whether you order HGH, controlled or non controlled substances.

I just don’t know about your protections. To be honest, I personally do think that it is a good thing to use them. in case you are being worried about being observed tracking a package… then why would you track it at all? they are going to know that somebody who has had an interest in the past was checking. Of course I can’t be sure, however at least I believe that this is true, and that’s even with the protections that I don’t know anything about it.
In case you do not want to be associated with the tracking at all. you could ask the vendor in order to check the tracking for you and to tell you everything you want to know. He would have an interest and this would obfuscate even more as much as I think. I personally am thinking that this is fine either way you choose. However I do understand the reason as to why you would want to leave as few clues as it is just possible. Having this said, I hope that this is going to be helpful for you, at least a little bit. All the best wishes.

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