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oh well, thank you really really much for pointing this out, I really appreciate it, however I have read the rare post where they say that the IP has been used from checking the tracking number on the USPS and therefore this is connecting the recipient to the subject letter.
In addition to that an side note here.. there is somebody who has recently posted on a shipping discussion on a forum about the DEA coming somewhere around their houses…. And also some thai (and not only) vendor getting busted his arse off… this just reminded me of that dr. in AZ that happened anywhere back in 2004 or so that inevitably got taken down by the different agencies because of the fact that he has been wildly off the chain. And I remember that what they actually wanted from her has been the computer that she has been using due to the fact that they could use it as evidence against the focus of the bust. The doctor and guys running the warehouse. This has been just it… not to take her down… but yeah, I do know that this, obviously, has nothing to do with tracking numbers. But as I said, it is as a side note here.
Also, what’s true here is that is a rarity, however as a risk factor that it still remains and would wonder if using the tor browser (network) is gonna be anyhow worth the associated issues given those all problems. Well… I just hate to expose myself at all if possible, and I guess each one of us do because we all know that ordering HGH online is against the laws. But I personally, and I guess as any other out there, truly enjoy to walk out the front door at my will…
Also here… I did mean to point out that I never to very rarely am checking a tracking number and I only do it if I am having a specific reason or mistrust of the vendor to do so. but then there are some rare but still occurrences where something is going wrong, overdue…. However, in case there’s something that legally has went wrong that is a real specific reason not to connect yourself in the clear to the thing. well, that very thing just came up with BS…. And if I have had not checked then I would most likely not have gotten my refund because of providing what happened to it. I did have used a method which has obfuscated me…