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Yes… thank you very and very much for your explanation I appreciate it a lot. And yeah, I do know about datbtrue. It has been an invite only website and I lurked there myself from time to time. and I also do agree with you – it is a big unfortunate that the site went down, an incredible resource has been lost when that amazing website has went down. however I must tell you that from as much as I heard, the information wipe has been deliberate by the site owner himself… I am not sure how credible this information is but that’s what I heard. In addition to that I heard that he has gotten seriously ill which is why he has done that. but then again I am not sure if that’s true or not.
Well, I’ve just been discussing just a little while ago with one of the more knowledged people on a UK site about peptides. As much as he has told me – he is using them extensively and he also uses them alongside with the GH. however I personally have never heard of those type of numbers to be honest… I was just thinking that there was some kind of a physiological ceiling to the amount of the GH the pituitary could produce and that’s even with the use of the peptides? Not very sure but as much as I think it is approximately a 3.3 IU on a 3 X per day peptides injection protocol. But then again I am not really sure. But you should know that all of this is only from memory and there is a chance that I could be completely wrong on this one and that’s why, please do not take this as gospel. My memory could serve me wrong and I don’t want to say that this is with certitude.
But it would be truly awesome if you would be able to find absolutely any reference to that information.