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Not sure if you have ever heard about datbtrue but if you did then you know what he was doing. and so, he did a lot of research specifically on the peptides. He has been advocating that using the peptides instead of exogenous GH is a better idea. He has been thinking and he always said that it has been better to use your own GH (and I agree with this), just needed to manipulate the pulses and also how long to keep them open.
He has also done research on the timing when to administer doses as they related to training, to diet and to HGH use as well.
A lot of people and entire forums have been following him. He had really good information and researches. In fact, I still nowadays find some forums that still have a lot of information I saw on his site. However, unfortunately and very sadly, a lot of the information that was on his website simply disappeared and didn’t get saved. For those who don’t know: he had a website but it went down suddenly an unexpectedly a year ago in 2016…