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Hopefully this is going to be helpful and it would answer your questions that you wrote here;

also, if that’s not going to be a really big problem… could you message me what or who brutalpharma it is an acronym for? Please, I would really like to find out. I currently am using a source where the pens are from Turkey, however they are Lilly and Pfizer company made… but it is still clear that they are made in Turkey or at least for the Turkish market and his (or her) name has pharma in it.

In fact, the brutalpharma has been the name of the source and it was not acronyms. They have been operating on eroids and elsewhere with some extremely low prices and also ‘freebies’ with orders until nearly everybody who ever heard of them realized and found out that most of the products that they are selling are counterfeit/ fake/ garbage/ bunk etc.
Some good Turkish sources around that is having some legit products. just some other reason why Turkish Gh is being cheaper it is due to the fact that companies like for example Lilly and Pfizer and so on and so forth are adjusting their wholesale prices depending on the country they are selling their products in. and so, Turkey being a second world economy prices to Pharmacy and on to consumer – they are selling it there cheaper.
Also if you are being interested, there is also an app that you can download if you want in order to scan the QR code on your Turkish packaging. It is not infallible, however I still think that this is better than nothing. In addition to that you can check if the product ID numbers are not duplicate which is also good. but anyway, there are still sources that are being trusted since they really sell good products.
However I am still talking about 5 USD and more per IU though… as for good sources selling good products for 3 USD per IU I don’t know… also I wanted to say something more (wanted to ask to be more exact) in regards to this:

So well, the use of the peptides (in case they are being administered properly and correctly, plus with a little bit of usage of the exogenous GH (minimal) it can make something like 4 to 6 ius equivalent to something that is around 18 to maybe even 24 ius. Having this said, this is the reason why all of us have tried peptides, am I right? I truly wish that he was still around…

Don’t get this as an offense please but… do you have a study, or a link, or an article or whatever else that backs up your words in regards those numbers claiming that the peptides are able to amplify GH over fourfold? I would appreciate if you really have some and share here.