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Oh yeah, I do understand very well what you are trying to say by this:

3 dollars for an IU, that, to be honest, would also start to ring alarm bells, at least for me… I’m not trying to say that this is something impossible however what I think that it is most likely – unlikely 😀

I do get the idea that 3 bucks per IU would cause some alarm bells… at the current moment I purchase getting it for as much as $ 5 or so, at good prices I get it for 4.50 bucks, it would truly add some savings really fast. Whichever the case, what you are telling up there is doubtlessly true. also, if that’s not going to be a really big problem… could you message me what or who brutalpharma it is an acronym for? Please, I would really like to find out. I currently am using a source where the pens are from Turkey, however they are Lilly and Pfizer company made… but it is still clear that they are made in Turkey or at least for the Turkish market and his (or her) name has pharma in it.
Having this mentioned, I would really like to find out if I may be at a risk or something… thank you in advance for everything, I appreciate very much everything you shared so far and hopefully I will get more information.