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Well… I personally have been on those ‘so called’ Geno pens that were available on Far Eastern Trade websites and I thought that it was a good idea to get those geno pens thinking they are going to do miracles. They have been available in thousands of units at a time to absolutely any buyer with the readies… now it is clear for me that it is counterfeit and it is obvious for anyone who has a bit of experience. Sadly it wasn’t so clear for me back then.
Also, I’m a bit concerned about this part you wrote:

Anyone here knows where Humatrope and Gentropin can be found for like 3 or 4 USD per IU?

3 dollars for an IU, that, to be honest, would also start to ring alarm bells, at least for me… I’m not trying to say that this is something impossible however what I think that it is most likely – unlikely 😀
The fake humatrope pens from scammers brutalpharma have been approximately 200 or so bucks (maybe even a bit more) for 72 iu. I remember very well that people with knowledge and experience about this have been warning and advising to pay big caution at that price on different sites. I’ve already been burnt and so I took their advices… however there were other people who still believed in the tooth fairy and magical prices and so, after a while they came back reporting it was a scam, which was expectable. The point being that when it seems too good to be true then most likely (and in 99% of situations) it actually is. nobody has interests to make anybody happy except themselves.