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So, I only wanted to add here more speculation to the validity of the generics. I do know very well that there are some really big amounts of fake hygetropin. At one point in time it has been one of the first real and good Chinese manufacturers of HGH but the problem was that this has as a result an enormous wave of counterfeiting products of hygetropin. It is really very hard and most importantly it requires lots of money in order to create counterfeit molds for the pharmaceutical pens that are being used in Epipens and Genotropin and it is made stateside. This is just one more reason why it is still the best idea to purchase only here domestically and that’s even if it’s being packaged for the Turkish consumers and is being sent back here from there so you have a false impression that you buy ‘domestic products’ and often for a cheaper price.
Anyone here knows where Humatrope and Gentropin can be found for like 3 or 4 USD per IU?