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Oh well, you can check my other thread I wrote about Hygetropin when I blood tested it and you are going to see there that the IGF 1 has been equally elevated as the result of a week worth of injections with it.
While I have tested the Genotropin, the levels of IGF 1 have been only a little bit more elevated as it has been only the second pin with it… this is why I just can say that I am clueless right now whether or not it is going to follow the exact same pattern or it’s going to show something differently.
So well, I just want to ask you something just to understand your point of what you try to say: as much as I could understand from your post – the other substances than GH are able to cause an elevated serum GH on the blood tests? I’ve got it right? Or maybe you are trying to tell us that an elevated GH serum levels is not necessarily be converted into the IGF 1 by the body?
Please explain…. If the latter, that is then a factor outside of the GH quality.