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OP, you shouldn’t be getting offended by all of this. you just clearly haven’t done any research and you came here with your requests. And it is not that you are on this specific forum, you might go elsewhere and you’re going to get same responses. I mean.. just imagine yourself that you are walking into a room full of strangers to you (and they all know each other, at least most of them) and you are then telling to them: hey there everyone… is here any of you who knows where I could get some kind of ILLEGAL products? Please tell me where I can get them for XXX amount of money.
Don’t you think that you are going to get some rude answers? And trust me, the answers that you got here based on the question that you have asked are not as rude as they could have been. Just think that what you are asking is strange… and as it was said, if you would have done a research you would get a lot of answers yourself. Plus you did got some good answers here..
And now… to tackle this from another angle, what does makes you think that you need GH. have you ever been on a cycle ever before?