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have figured maybe somebody is helpful here, maybe, just maybe and nothing more…

You know… in fact, everybody is being helpful here… but that’s only when you are come correctly and asking correctly.

However the irony is that I have been using this forum as a resource now for the last month or so of research I have been stacking up

In fact… what it is really being ironic is that if you actually did your own research here (and especially all over the internet) then you would have known much better than to ask such a stupid question that you did.

Now, the last point considering this a forum dedicated to this sort of crap I can assume

You know… you should not assume! You’ve got to know that this is actually making an douche out of you by doing so. until everybody is getting to know you well more that asanine well thought out copy and paste job of a first post, then we are all going to assume here that you are a cop. How you expected everyone to react?

This is only like just 5 minutes out of somebody’s day

And lastly here… if you actually have spent 5 minutes of your own time then you could very and very easily find what you are actually looking for without asking those questions. This is what leads us all thinking that you haven’t actually done any research at all!