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I try to understand your point and I seem to, however there is just one very important and very big thing here that you should know… I’m especially talking about this part you wrote:

Umm… I haven’t said that I am broke as I’m not really… all that I am trying to do is to budget a little bit on this. I have figured out that 150 USD for something as small as gear it is, as much as I could see, a pretty good price point. This is why I am here as I was trying to not over pay and since I know that with 150 USD I can do it and I stand good chances of not over paying – then why would I do it? and yeah, I have 3 kids and I do give my kids the meaning of world! They are everything for me and so I am always going to budget in favor of them which is obvious, however this is a thing for me so I would rather spend less. But I still want it as this is something that I feel strongly about and I feel as it could help me quite well. and I have to exceed over this price point I mentioned then so be it, but oh well… I just want to know that I get good stuff and that I do not over pay for it. and in the end… at very least, I know that at very least I need to look at options within a safe price range

The thing is that HGH it is one of the most expensive stuff when it comes to gear and to this game in general. So you’re looking to budget a bit while you are searching for the most expensive component. What I’m ultimately trying to say is that in case you are not wanting to invest substantial money in it, then I just think that it may not be the best chance for you… because trust me… when you are looking at the most expensive component then you need to invest quite good money in it. especially because hgh requires time until you see results. What I try to say is that you definitely stand near to 0 chances since hgh being one of the most expensive components – it also requires to be taken for a long period of time. therefore – 150 USD worth it is not going to make you grow or anything, I doubt that you are going to see any results at all… it can help you greatly, but that’s unless this price point is your weekly budget for spending on it.
In the end you’ve just got to know that you might be standing a better chance to be using something like the mk 677… and trust me this is not a sarcasm or anything. I just hope this is going to be helpful to you. good luck