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Umm… I haven’t said that I am broke as I’m not really… all that I am trying to do is to budget a little bit on this. I have figured out that 150 USD for something as small as gear it is, as much as I could see, a pretty good price point. This is why I am here as I was trying to not over pay and since I know that with 150 USD I can do it and I stand good chances of not over paying – then why would I do it? and yeah, I have 3 kids and I do give my kids the meaning of world! They are everything for me and so I am always going to budget in favor of them which is obvious, however this is a thing for me so I would rather spend less. But I still want it as this is something that I feel strongly about and I feel as it could help me quite well. and I have to exceed over this price point I mentioned then so be it, but oh well… I just want to know that I get good stuff and that I do not over pay for it. and in the end… at very least, I know that at very least I need to look at options within a safe price range. I am surely not going to lose sleep over something this small and I’m not gonna lose my head with it, however I would like for it to happen. So, despite the fact that I’ve done a vast research, I still wanted to talk with people who, in my opinion, could help since they have more experience and that’s why I am here and writing this thread and this post.