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Talk about hostile… I’m sorry that’s my bad for asking a question here asking for your help. I have figured maybe somebody is helpful here, maybe, just maybe and nothing more… but instead of that I see that I have got a lot of stuck up replies. However the irony is that I have been using this forum as a resource now for the last month or so of research I have been stacking up. And yeah, of course I do know the difference and likely scams. As I said, I am the first time user, however it doesn’t mean that this is the first minute that I was searching for information… I mean, although first time user I am still somebody who has already spent months trying to research and gain information. If I wouldn’t be and it would be otherwise then I would already have purchased the first scam bunk sh*t on the market that I saw on the first day and not been here in the first place… I thought that this is something ‘obvious’ because someone who’s having such big chances of getting scammed as you said, then I wouldn’t be here… I would have already been scammed. Just goes to show no matter where you are going people in all communities are having too inflated ego’s.
And lack the knowledge to know what’s bunk? It’s going to cost like $ 600 for lap testing for a sample and like $ 50 for a blood test. Either of which I am just not able to do before I am purchasing a product, comprende.. darn near broke due to the fact that I have 3 kids who mean absolutely everything to me so I try to ‘invest’ in them everything. But I must tell you that your last point, it is only a joke. and to be honest, you do sound to be like an edgy 14 years old with ‘real education’. Because you surely need oh just so so much research to find out what’s bunk and what it is not a bunk. But that’s not actually true in the modern era, that’s unless your sources are dated textbrooks at your local library. And so… unless I am currently looking to stick in a cows ass I do not actually need all of this much research in order to find a supplier. I only need to go through as many sources and people as possible.
Now, the last point considering this a forum dedicated to this sort of crap I can assume maybe I should send out a message or 2 see what’s up maybe somebody who has extra information and it is looking to lend a hand of help. This is only like just 5 minutes out of somebody’s day… been thinking that maybe somebody would who knows that it is worth a shot. And in the end of everything… what do I have to lose now?
And now… in the end… thank you very much for your absolutely non constructive judgement and assistance and also thanks for the spirit of this community!