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Oh well… this might have been me, LOL… I mean… I did have used it for a long time and it has got up my T levels and that’s why I say that might have been me, lol. but anyway, since I’ve been using it for that long I, of course, do know pretty much about this weird drug. I have truly used it for a long period of time as I was on it for 2 years and a half and it has boosted my T from around 500 to between 700 to 800. And I have been only using a dosage of 12.5 mg every third day as well. well, I can say that my labs and all of my numbers have been optimal, however I have felt like complete sh*t and I have had a very and very low sex drive. Then I have finally quit and just went on TRT. And even at that low dosage, I have still been moody and I have had problems to sleep and some other issues as well… it has not been worth it to only look good on paper and I guess that you people know it very well.
I am currently still struggling at time with TRT, however I am getting it tuned in. I did have done some really big and drastic changes to how I am looking and how do I feel overall. And by the way I have to tell you that I am having absolutely no regrets this far!
Also just wanted to say something to the OP hoping that this is going to be helpful. Well, look… if you are going to try this out, then you’ve got to start it very slowly and at a low dose. So far you just don’t know how it might affect you and I doubt that there’s anyone else who can find out but you. only you can because you need to use it and start noticing how it works. if you see adverse and negative effects of course either drop the dosage down either stop at all. you are now still young and you likely do not need anything much in order to boost your levels. However, I can nearly guarantee to you that you are most likely going to feel like complete sh*t on this! so far there’s just nobody who is sure why this med is making all your laboratories being in the optimal ranges and the affects are just not there, as in how you are feeling. But as you have already noticed yourself… it did has improved my ability to gain some mass at the gym and so on and so forth… I just could feel the higher T with my training, however that was it alone and nothing more… I mean, everything else about this medication just sucked badly!