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Hi there once again… I see your question (your post) and I just MUST reply to it and tell you why do I actually think this way, so in regards to this:

It is really hard for me to understand you… why do you think and tell me that they are both ‘mistakes’?! I mean… how it can be a mistake when – yes, it is prescribed, Lexapro is prescribed, and that’s why when a doctor gives it to me then I honestly cannot see why using Lexapro as a mistake at all…

There are people who find Lexapro to work really well for them, but as I said it MIGHT be a mistake because I know few people who have used Lexapro (also prescribed) and they swear that it has ruined their lives even more. They said that it has made them more depressed, moody, negatively thinking and a lot of other physical conditions as well. I know from experience that people can feel very bad on that stuff… even if it’s prescribed. And now for this part:

As for the clomid, no it is not being prescribed, but I have just taken it in order to get my testosterone up and also to get my free test levels a little bit. But I’m going to re think my dosage when I see that you say it is so dangerous and I might even talk with my doctor about this later as well.

I think that this is a mistake due to the fact that using the clomid it is not going to jack shit for you physique or strength wise but in the same time, you have big chances of bad side effects, and you stand even more chances of having even worse side effects with such big doses.