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I do know that body builders love clomid and I see someone out there saying that clomid is actually made for women who want to get pregnant and that’s true, but then again, I still know that body builders love clomid… but I really really hated that sh*t a lot: itchy eyes, I couldn’t bear the light and so on and so forth… tamoxifen it is much better and it is much safer in my experience and that’s why I suggest you to look more at tamoxifen as you might love it better. It is better and that’s even for mood, tamoxifen trampled clomid for sure (or at very least personally for me).
Tamoxifen has given me some slight eye pains only and some slight headaches (it was not really severe to be honest and I was able to control these with a bit of ibuprofen) in the beginning, however that has gone away by itself sometime later.
All that I can complain right now is that I am still getting some slight headache from time to time, but I get it very rarely and in addition to that it is nothing really bothersome or anything in this matter. I mean, even if I do get them I am still able to work and function properly. Not a big problem.