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You know… adding clomid in there it is a mistake and it is very possible that this is going to be a really really bad mistake! So is using Lexapro alone in my own opinion… but I assume (or better said, I hope that at least) it is prescribed to you by a professional doctor?

It is really hard for me to understand you… why do you think and tell me that they are both ‘mistakes’?! I mean… how it can be a mistake when – yes, it is prescribed, Lexapro is prescribed, and that’s why when a doctor gives it to me then I honestly cannot see why using Lexapro as a mistake at all…

As for the clomid, no it is not being prescribed, but I have just taken it in order to get my testosterone up and also to get my free test levels a little bit. But I’m going to re think my dosage when I see that you say it is so dangerous and I might even talk with my doctor about this later as well.