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In addition to that I must say that I am currently on Lexapro as well, and that is why I am thinking that it could help me with in this regard, am I wrong?

You know… adding clomid in there it is a mistake and it is very possible that this is going to be a really really bad mistake! So is using Lexapro alone in my own opinion… but I assume (or better said, I hope that at least) it is prescribed to you by a professional doctor? If you trust your doctor enough to accept his opinion that you need to be on that awful stuff then you need to trust him enough too, I think, to know if you are going to need a hormone ‘boost’ and if you do not. also, if you take Lexapro on a prescription (which then again I really hope that it is prescribed) this means that you trust your doctor a lot so please, go and ask him what does he (or she) thinks about your plan of 25 mg of clomid taken 3 days a week.