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Oh well… thanks for replying and for your honest input… so well, I am just thinking that then I am going to keep it at 25 mg taking the same way, I mean – on Monday, on Wednesday and on Friday. And yeah, I do know very well that it greatly depends on every person and not everybody is getting all of those side effects that you are talking up there. and I think that other people would get the side effects on the first dosage used, but as I said, I haven’t had a single side effect. And in addition to that, if it is giving me a good testosterone boost then I definitely wouldn’t mind to afford the ‘moody side’ to be honest. In addition to that I must say that I am currently on Lexapro as well, and that is why I am thinking that it could help me with in this regard, am I wrong? Once again, thanks for your honest reply and for your warnings.