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I’m not very sure if that has been addressed to me, but since I was the last poster I assumed that it is and that’s why I think that you’ve asked for my opinion. If that’s so… well.. in the time that the supplemental GH necessitates enhanced thyroxine secretion only those with preexisting thyroid dysfunction, or maybe also those using some extremely high GH dosages (like for example starting with 10 IU and even more of pharma every single day), are being unable to accelerate endogenous production in order to meet the demand! The baseline thyroid function testing does provide the best and most reliable answer with respect to who, may benefit from the supplemental thyroxine.
The latter it is very and very important due to the overwhelming majority of people out there the use of the thyroxine as a GH ‘ancillary’ it is not only unwarranted, but it is also significantly increasing the CV side effects too, and that’s especially when they are being used for a lot of months that are being typical of the GH ‘cycling’.