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So well, this is not actually a study, however an article, an article on think steroids and it is named: ‘Thyroid Hormone + Growth Hormone – If You Aren’t Using T4 with Your GH, You’re Not Doing It Right’ and it is posted back in 2006.
I recommend you to read the entire article but the most important that I wanted to highline here is:

‘but we actually want the CONVERSION process of T4 into T3 to take place, because it’s the presence of those mediator enzymes that will allow the T3 to be synergistic with GH, instead of being inhibitory as is seen when T3 is simply added to a GH cycle. And remember, we don’t only want T3 levels high, but we want types 1 and 2 deiodinase to get us there- and when we take supplemental T3, that just doesn’t happen…’

This has got me thinking and that’s especially for that reason that there are absolutely no other sites or other specialists out there that I have found making this same claim I said…. However, this guy, still, in theory does sounds as if he knew what is he talking about… what do you think about this? does it sounds to be true? please read the entire article if you’re interested. If you can’t find it I am going to help. Write me privately. And yeah, by the way… I am not very sure if you are into HGH research or whatever… however it is quite common to use the thyroid hormone along with the HGH, however I still know that most people are taking the active form T3 over the T4 and that’s in the time that the rationale of Anthony it is that the conversion process, that is being accelerated by HGH, in itself has some benefits too.