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Umm… what’s the rationale for it??
In the time that the studies are suggesting that the GH might increase to T4 to T3 conversion… the studies I am talking about are:
1) on the ncbi pubmed search for *The influence of growth hormone and thyroxine on iodothyronine deiodinase activity in the liver, kidney and brown adipose tissue in hypophysectomized rats.*
2) on the healio com search for * GH therapy alters circulating thyroid hormones, deiodinase activity in men*
3) and on the sciencedirect com search for * Growth hormone acutely decreases type III iodothyronine deiodinase in chicken liver*
Start reading and you’re going to see… it is only seems to happen in lab animals and men with hypopituitarism, however not in normal men who do not need any GH… to be honest, I personally, so far, haven’t seen absolutely any proof of the GH users getting high blood T3 levels and full blown hyperthyroidism symptoms.
The OTOH androgens do increase the said T4 to T3 conversion a little bit. Hopefully this is going to give an answer to your question.