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oh well.. if talking about the manufacturing costs of the HGH… at least rom what I have been told from someone that I do trust… it costs pretty much the same as creating/ manufacturing insulin, plus or minus. That’s since it is used the exact same type of the equipment and that’s basically with any protein peptide as it is pretty much the same. The reason for the high cost of the HGH sold by the pharma companies it is just the low demand compared to the insulin. Of course there are also other factors that comes at play for this price, however the manufacturing cost of it is definitely not the main reason and it is not as if they are paying a lot of money for manufacturing or anything in this matter. the way I have been explained (sorry I can’t explain the same way, of course, I just share what I’ve understand from what I heard there) it just cannot cost that much. And once again, I one do trust the person that has told me all of this. in fact.. of course I can’t know for sure how true this is, maybe that’s not true at all… however this is truly making sense to me and that’s just another reason for me to believe him. And yeah, in addition to that, there are no pharma generics out there like every other drug out there so think about this for a second. What I don’t know if this is coinciding with the IGF 1 too, I’m wondering about this myself. Anyway… the most important point is… we’re not paying such high prices because it is expensive to manufacture them… in fact we’re just paying such high prices just to make the pharma even bigger/ richer!