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similarly to the GH and to the insulin, for the IGF analogues to have bioactivity in our bodies, then they must be made using the recombinant technologies because otherwise, as I tried to said earlier – they are useless and spending money on them is like burning the money down. however, for getting the IGF analogues that are made using the recombinant technologies they are going to set you back anywhere from like $ 300 to even $ 600 per gram! So yeah… money makes the rules here.

Just wanted to comment on this one.LR 3 and DES have been made and sold by licensed pharmacies when they have firstly came out and there are some very high quality RC today that are making them with the DNA recombinant technology. The thing it is that LR 3 and DES are being designer peptides. These ones were never developed to be a recombinant IGF 1 and their chemical structure are not even similar to that of the IGF 1… this makes a huge difference and I have no idea why people just keep on confusing these peptides with the recombinant IGF 1. And by the way… the Chinese laboratories that are making the generic hgh have never bothered to make the recombinant IGF 1 and most research companies as well. I personally did have come across a few US research companies out there that have been having the human recombinant IGF 1 in some small amounts and that’s it! however, when you are looking at the required dosage for the deficient kids only to have a normal IGF level… it goes like 0.12 to 0.22 per kg/ per day. The calculations show that it is not actually cost effective…