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“heriff00, look, I am only talking here about the IGF 1 analogues in the post that I’ve wrote earlier here. For a drug to be considered that it is ‘generic’, then it must be chemically identical to the brand name counterpart, but it is ‘generic’ because it is not the brand. It has the same ‘substance’ so to say. And this is the reason as to why I am not referring to the non FDA branded growth hormone as being ‘generic’.

Well, with all of this being said… there still are some non FDA growth hormone versions out there that do use recombinant technologies and therefore I would not call them to be worthless, or useless or anything in this matter. although there are some of them who indeed are worthless and useless as they are not using these technologies. And so, the ‘danger’ and ‘risk’ it is that there is absolutely no quality control and this is a very and very complicated process. In the end, the FDA growth hormone versions are controlled, they are very tightly controlled and therefore you know for sure what you put into your body. with the non FDA growth hormone versions, there are some of them that are exactly as the FDA ones, but there are only some like that, and you and I don’t know which ones of them are… and therefore who knows what you’re actually putting into your body. I did have read online what can happen at the molecular level when using the recombinant protein that are not being very and very closely controlled using the FDA guidelines. There are just some risks that I wouldn’t like to take, especially when it comes to my life and health.