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Hi there everyone. I would really like to get some answers to my questions, if that’s possible, please. Could you please tell me… is there a general reason as why more people are not using igf 1 DES or LR3 more often??

So well… I would say that the reasons are pretty much going to be financial due to the fact that the receptor grade human IGF analogues are going to cost much more than somebody’s mortgage to run every single month. And so, to answer your question directly as to the reasons then I tell you: money!

If there is somebody who is going to decide to cut corners and decides to go with the synthesized versions from the peptide companies then I tell you that those people are largely only throwing their money away (or burning them or such) as they are having absolutely no biologic activity so there’s no good reason why they are doing it. similarly to the GH and to the insulin, for the IGF analogues to have bioactivity in our bodies, then they must be made using the recombinant technologies because otherwise, as I tried to said earlier – they are useless and spending money on them is like burning the money down. however, for getting the IGF analogues that are made using the recombinant technologies they are going to set you back anywhere from like $ 300 to even $ 600 per gram! So yeah… money makes the rules here.