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Hey there everyone. I did have ran them both and so I do have a little bit of an experience with these which I am going to share here with you hoping it would be helpful. So well, the first one has been DES, did 50 to 100 mcs towards the end of my workout, this stuff has been giving me one extra boost in my pumps, blood flow and in vascularity as well. I’ve also Ran LR 3 100 mcs per day for like 30 days or so. It has given me a full feeling pretty much nearly like a mild insulin if that is making any sense… I just don’t know how I can explain it better. Anyway, I have also found out that LR 3 is it also quite helpful for me in a PCT when I’m feeling flat, fill you up a little bit temporary only. I have also tried the DES post workout however I have got no real feeling at all… or at least that’s my experience. Anyway… as a conclusion I can say that although both of them do help and are useful… they are still IMO only mildly useful… no more than that. What I am trying to say is that in my opinion… none of them are no where close to the real USA pharma IGF 1. However there’s no ‘numbers’ to back up my words. I am currently talking only about what I have noticed and how I was feeling… I mean, I’ve never done any bloods on none of them so who the fxxk can know… but anyway, I still can say that if money it is a problem then I would only buy more gear or I would save for the HGH. anyway… other then that it is only another thing to blast.
All of this is only my opinion based on my experience and nothing more. Please don’t take it too deep 😀
But if there’s anyone who knows what it is the exact compound compared to the real IGF then I would really really like to hear it so such a sharing would be very appreciated. Thanks and hopefully this is going to be helpful to you people.