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Well, I can’t actually say very much since I personally have never ran it so there’s nothing I could say from experience. However, will be running the LR 3 for the first time now in a few weeks and maybe after that I could come back with some updates/ experiences.

As for the IGF, as much as I know, it should be honestly used for only 2 purposes, one of them it is to create new fibers that can be expanded during the next bulk or also using des in order to bring up the lagging parts. And that’s pretty much everything.

However you should know that there is a risk involved as well (as with nearly anything out there), to high of a dose and you are risking intestinal growth that is not going to show up to later so if you go for it make sure that you’re safe on it.

I did have done research, of course, on these things, and so far, from the researches that I have done… the LR 3 should be used one or maybe 2 ways low dose, 4 week cycles with 6 being the maximum or really high dose 2 week cycles… I mean… this is maximum, but of course – less means less chances of getting side effects.

As for the DES, it does seem to be amazing for the lagging parts or to make just one part to stand out. but anyway… I perfectly realize that I am absolutely no where even near ready to be trying that deep of a protocol, whoever is interested in doing it should be very aware of what they are doing. I wouldn’t recommend such stuff for people with low knowledge on them.