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Hey, I did have ran LR3 by myself and I ran it with MK 677 (I guess you’ve heard about it, but if you haven’t then you really need to search online more about it). To be honest, at least in my opinion based on what I have noticed, the MK has been a better product, for me!
I could say that I haven’t actually felt any difference on the LR3 on its own and I have ran a quite high dose from the very beginning… I mean, it is not the fact that I didn’t take the risk of running a high dose. But on the other hand, the MK, has proved that it is good. it has proved that it does actually what it is advertised that it should do by my personal blood work and also by the physical progress.
In addition to that, what I really like is that MK can be run without a break long term (I mean, maybe it is not being advised this way, however you can with no loss of the effectiveness, at least that’s my experience that I had with it). but the LR3 it is being supposed to be flat lined by the end of the fourth week and maybe even sometime sooner in case you are running it at a high dosage so that’s another plus for MK IMO.
As for the other IGF 1 you’ve mentioned out there, the DES version… I personally never ran it myself so I can’t say anything about it from my experience. If I am going to be taking some shots in and around training time it is going to be GH and insulin. In addition to that, the MK is giving me an really really big pump and that’s why… at least I personally don’t actually see why would I need to go for the DES version of it…
However, I do support those people who are trying to be their own guinea pig though… I wouldn’t ever say that you are wrong by doing that and experimenting… that’s why I say that if you are truly interested in something then you’ve gotta go and try it out IMO as you never know… in the end it may work amazingly well for you!