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Hi op, I also thought… as harsh as it might sound but… it could be the fact that you are just getting on your vendors nerves because you expected to get the confirmation as usual. Maybe this time, maybe because of some technical issues, you haven’t got your confirmation right away. you panicked and you sent him numerous emails with numerous questions. He tried to answer some of them but you sent even more emails with even more questions… so think… might the be true? might it be that you are getting on the vendors nerves? They are humans too after all… but then again, maybe not and he just tries to scam you. I doubt that anyone here or anywhere else can answer this question (whether have you got scammed or not) with certitude. Maybe he indeed tries to disappear, we just don’t know what’s in your vendor’s mind, LOL 😀
But, have you ever heard the saying: here one day, gone the next? It is very true that vendors are not stable… nothing is stable in this life IMO, but vendors are among the most unstable. I have seen a lot of the long time vendors who are pulling the disappearing act, which is why, if your pulled the same, please don’t worry.
But then again, I would still say that you’ve gotta keep your fingers crossed (as that’s the only thing that you are able to do right now), as you never know… maybe, until the end you’re still gonna get your order?