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I really loved your post, and I especially agree with a specific part you wrote up there:
*Vendors, as absolutely everything else, is not going to be there forever… and that’s why there are no vendors that are going to be there 100% every single time at all the times… it is very true that this is the risk we take when we’re resorting to vendors and that’s why, absolutely every single order that you are placing, every single transfer that you are sending… remember that there is always, always and I mean ALWAYS, there is going to be that chance that you could get stolen of your money. IMO only people who realizes this and realizes the risk should use them, because then again, that’s the risk we take.
And the bad news is… those vendors that are not responding to the emails or are trying to contact you then as a general rule of thumb, they are going to scam you. It is indeed strange that your vendor still sent you a few emails back after you sent the money…. however if your vendor is not going to talk to you or respond back to the emails then I would say that you should not count on receiving the order because most likely you won’t… not trying to say that this is 100% sure you won’t as you might still get it, however you probably would not. I think that there are no vendors who, before closing their business, is announcing their customers and tells them that he closes his business. I think that even if there truly are such vendors, they are 1 or 2 among all vendors on this Earth. All the rest would try to make as much money as it is possible before closing up. That’s the reality and IMO we’ve gotta accept it the way it is*
*DISCLAIMER* Sorry I don’t know how to properly quote here…. Anyway. what I want to say that this is very very true! there are such situations in which those vendors are changing hands and they are not telling anyone so this way they can make money. they often might not even close the business, but they just change hands so to scam as much people as possible and make money. then they change hands, everything’s fine for a year, 2, 3, 4 etc. etc. until they change hands again. This is another option that is true either…