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Hey there op, I do agree with Liesssono and pretty much as it was mentioned in that post, if this has been a longtime vendor that you have always used with success with no problems then I also think that you just should not get really scared, at least so far.
It is true the fact that there are sometimes when those vendors can get really really busy from time to time and that might be the explication of why you have got vague responses. Usually, when they want to scam you out, they just completely stop answering your emails as soon as you paid. There’s the old SY vendor that I have used for years and years (but I used him many years ago), pretty often was not sending me a tracking number, however the good news is that in the end, I was still getting up my order, always! What I am trying to say here is that you have much more chances that in the end, everything is going to be alright. But it is always only about chances. We can’t actually know what your vendor is going to do… we can’t guarantee that the vendor won’t run away because if you ask…. Does a vendor run and retire, from time to time, yeah, this does happens… it is sad, it is unfortunate but that’s the reality and trust me, I would really hate for you to end up like that. However it doesn’t mean that this is what already happened or that it would ever happen to you… all that I am trying to say here is that it is all about chances… this is just a risk that each one of us is taking when resorting to online pharmacies of each kind. It might be the fact that he indeed tries to disappear, but there is also a possibility that the vendor it is currently and temporarily just out of stock of your product and is currently trying to re stock it. doesn’t want to tell you this so he thinks that you might not want to wait for him to re stock so he would lose clients. There are always such things. And in my opinion there are a lot of different variable at play! And there are a lot of possibilities!
Then again, what I am trying to say is that you have more chances everything’s fine: you used him with success a long time and he was answering your questions. The fact that he has not sent you a confirmation of the tracking number this doesn’t actually mean very much. I understand your concern, but I’m quite sure everything’s gonna be alright! However, if there are more than just a few days that pass on a normal delivery frame, only then, in my opinion, you might have some reasons to be concerned… but then again, until then just try to be calm and not to fear the worst, at least so far.