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Hello there OP, did you pay twice when you have checked out once again? How long has this been going on for? I am not getting anything serious, only some meds for my diabetes and I am gonna get them these days, however I would really like to learn more about the iops to have emergency supply of them. I am a little bit scared to order until I am going to learn more from the guys here, and that’s why I am now just curious in finding out what would be the ‘good time’ of when I have to worry… and of course when I need to be patient… in which situations I mean…
Back in the days, I remember that I was able to order nearly anything that I could want to and I was nearly always having that stuff that I wanted overnight from a domestic pharmacy. I remember that I could purchase almost all except just for some really bad things that were controlled… but on the rest I was getting all that I wanted with only a telephone consult and some medical records faxed in. now they need serious stuff for getting a freaking aspirin… not to tell about the rest. Truth is that this has been many many years ago…