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In regards to that stuff where someone said about the claim that Supertropin is the same as greytop… I wanted to say that myself as I thought that I read it too, however I was not sure so I didn’t wanted to say something in which I wasn’t sure. But since I see someone else saying the same then, I guess, it must be true. or at least it is true that this claim is somewhere out there 😀

By the way, if you are interested… I am currently running TP greys at 2 iu per day, every day, and 500 mg per week of test cyp and I am really happy with the results I get. Having this said… if you are being happy and satisfied with those results that you are already having from the greys, why would you want to change to an unproven product which you don’t know whether is it good or not? I would understand you want to change to something else as long as you don’t like the results that you are currently getting but if you do like them, what seems to be the problem?