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But I still need to ask… are you liking the results from the PD greys you use?

*disclaimer*: not sure how to quote this part so I’ve done it myself…
Anyway, yeah, I do like the result I get from the 4 iu a day of the PD greytop that I use. I am 45 years old and I need to use it for some fat loss. And as I have said it in the first post, it does seems like as if I am leaning down and that’s really good for me. in terms of numbers… I have already lost like 20 lbs the last month with ketogenic diet and this regimen. It is obvious that I am trying to lose as much fat as I can in the time that I am trying to save as much muscle mass that I can so I guess you know that this can be a hard task to accomplish. I am having quite a slight finger tingling thing In the morning, I am also having a little bit of lethargy but I do have an amazingly good sleep with some vivid dreams often. In addition to that I can say that I am also on 200 mg of test TRT this stuff has been prescribed by my doctor and I keep on using it as scripted as I can feel that it helps me either. And yeah, by the way, I am doing to be doing the IGF in 3 weeks on my visit with the TRT doctor. If this is anything worth.