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CamperPlace thank you very and very much for your information! I really appreciate it a lot! To be honest, I’ve gotta admit that I am a little bit scared about the entire needles thing as I am getting a bit light headed each time when I am getting a shot from the doctor… and that’s whereas my doctor gives me the shot… can’t actually imagine that I am going to be able to do myself. And yeah, by the way, much less giving one to myself every day!! That’s just a double… pain, for me. however, I am still not sure as I am thinking that I should be doing it since I do want to use the most effective method out there that I just can. Thanks very much as your information really is making me think that in the end it is not going to be so bad as I used to think of it and that most likely I should be fine… or at least, thanks to the information you provided you gave me ‘power’ to at least want to give it one try and see how good/ bad it is so thanks very much! I really found it helpful.
Also, please, just keep us all informed here on how well the IM does for you! I guess you realize how much I want to find out from your if you are going to see any changes and are going to lose more or less after some more time while you are doing the IM method. That is why, please, keep trying to notice if you are going to have any changes at all and after a while, please come back and share whether have you noticed any changes or not. I wish you all the best and thanks again for everything!