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You know, I just wanted to say something else in regards to this: *And I also think that it must have something to do with what they are feeding them. They are giving them some kind of organic feed now before they bought that, the chickens were eating quinoa LOL!*
They are best scrambled, or at least in my opinion. They are having some of a very buttery taste… and so I am naturally adding some more butter in there.
Anyway, I can tell you that I am brewing home beer as a hobby of mine from time to time. not doing it as often but when I have some little time I do. There were a few years ago when I have brewed a batch of beer but each time when you are finished with a batch of beer there are obviously some leftovers, so I had some leftover spent grain and I thought what I’ve gotta do with it. I knew that there were a few things that I can do with it and I have decided to give it to a girl that I knew that she had chickens so they might eat those. When I’ve asked her the next time if that stuff was helpful she told me that her chickens were eating that shit up like some candies, LOL 😀 anyway, I also believe that it depends very much on what you are giving them to eat. And maybe the chicken’s stress level too. lololol.