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Well, I have to make a confession here… I have never ever in my life thrown a yolk away or ate just an egg ‘white’ in absolutely any kind of form… yeah I know… that does seems to be so counterintuitive to me.
Anyway… in order to answer the thread topic question… I’ve gotta say that I am having a minimum of like 3 or 4 eggs about every single day. With breakfast. In fact… there are some rare days when I might have no eggs at all, I may have such kind of days here and there but they are rare. But there are also other kind of days, also rare, but on those days I can eat a whole dozen of them throughout the entire day. It pretty much depends on what else I am eating during that day but typically, regardless of what I eat, I do have 3 -4 of them a day.
I’m that person that if there’s ever such kind of an opportunity to add an egg or more to some other food then I am always doing it. I always thought that eggs are having a lot of good stuff so I always am eating a lot of them. At least I’m trying to.
And by the way, in regards to the ‘fresh’ eggs: that’s absolute truth that store eggs are crap compared to the ones grown at home. Generally, I am also preferring the homegrown eggs and not only, to me everything homegrown variety is over the store food. Luckily for me, I am having a lot of friends and family members who are raising chickens so I am never purchasing eggs from the store. As others have said it, if you’ve never tried them and you always only ate store eggs then you should search for someone who raises chickens and get some eggs.